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Enjoy Our Spacious Cat Sanctuary!

We have a separate side of Kathie's Pet Resort that caters to housing senior cats which need a comfortable place to live out the rest of their lives. If you need to surrender your geriatric cat because you can't care for it anymore or if its previous owner has passed, we'll be happy to take your pet.


100 Fold Farm & Sanctuary has been around for over 3 years now, and we have 9.5 acres and 2 barns for your cats to roam freely, safely, and comfortably.

They'll have frequent healthcare

Each of the 60 cats we have room for in our sanctuary will have regular checkups and vaccinations; we've even spayed and neutered over 60 cats in our time.

We love our community and we love caring for senior pets, so trust us to give your old friend the best care possible!

We're a non-profit facility

We're focused on caring for our kitty residents, and not on making a profit. That means our cats' care won't fall to the backburner! We're serious about giving them a comfortable place to live out their lives.

We encourage cats to be cats

Instead of having typical feeding spots, we have feeding stations across the facility, encouraging them to travel and "hunt" their food. They get to be active and get the stimulation they need to keep healthy!

Contact Us Today and See if We Can Take Your Senior Cat!